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Paris seems like an eternity ago now! It is funny how time flies so quickly. The other morning I re-discovered my Sephora purchases. This made me happy as it reminded me of an awesome few days. It also reminded me that I still hadn’t written up my Sephora product reviews.

Sephora Haul

Sephora Colourful Matte Eye Shadow in Berlin Underground

As I mentioned before, I am always on the look out for gorgeous, matte grey eyeshadow and I thought I had found one. I’m not going to lie, I was a tad disappointed with the colour on this one. When applied to the lid it comes out twice as dark as it looks, which is a shame. I had been hoping it would be a one sweep,  all over the lid, wonder. However, it is a really good crease colour, it works well as a liner on the upper lash line and it has a lovely formula. The eye shadow is lovely and soft and it blends like a dream, giving a good, albeit darker than imagined, colour pay off.

All in all it is a lovely product, I would definitely get more colours but I would be wary about how dark they would come out!

Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Dark Matter  

A photo of Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Dark Matter

 Arguably, the best purchase out of the lot. The world and their dog have heard of or have raved about these polishes and rightly so. Dark Matter is a gorgeous, glossy, true black that looks awesome after just one coat. The formula is second to none, it is long lasting, something which I never say about nail polishes. Normally, every polish will have chipped after day or to, but not this one. It has lasted me a week. It is hard wearing to say the least! The shine and gel like nature of the polish is amazing. It is the only ‘gel’ polish that can pass off for gel nails.
I only wish I bought more shades!

Sephora Rouge Infusion in Cherry Nectar 


Sephora Rouge Infusion in Cherry Nectar

It turns out this wasn’t the infamous liquid lipstick that I was after, it’s actually a lip stain but a lovely product nonetheless. Cherry Nectar is a bright, yet deep raspberry colour and looks gorgeous on the lips. It is my go to lip product when I want a really bold lip. The formula is akin to the Rimmel Apocalips, however this is a matte shade and it seems more wet. The doe foot applicator makes application really easy and precise. The longevity of this product is mixed. Sometimes it will last hours and other times not so long. It wears off really quickly whilst eating and drinking and it doesn’t fade as evenly as I would like.

The major downside of this Rouge Infusion is that it clings to dry patches or lines in your lips like crazy! Even to the extent that a pre application scrub and moisturise has little effect. I am so in love with the shade but it is one of those lip product that I keep needing to check up on! I do feel like I’m missing something and perhaps applying these wrong or something :/

All in all I am rather impressed with my Sephora picks and definitely gutted that there isn’t a Sephora in the UK!

What are your favourite Sephora picks?



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