‘Tis the season for staying inside, by the fire, binge watching good old Netflix. Today I’m sharing ShelleyFlix my recommendations and things that I’m currently hooked on.  So if you like nerdy things, fashion and some good trash TV stay tuned. (See what I did there?!)


The Fashiony Ones… 

Iris – This is a must watch for any fashion lovers or collectors out there. It is a fascinating documentary looking at the life of Iris Apfel (who is basically the coolest person ever!) In case you don’t know who she is, she’s a business woman, interior designer and fashion icon, who isn’t afraid to break boundaries or be a little different. Her life is truly enthralling, you could learn a lot from her!

The September Issue – This is another fashion documentary following Vogue compiling it’s famous September Fashion Issue in 2007. Yes the fashion is a little dated but seeing behind the scenes at Vogue, in so much detail is a rare occurrence. It’s definitely like the real life The Devil Wears Prada! Getting to follow around Grace Coddington was one of the many highlights. It’s a must see for fashion lovers.

On a side note, Netflix is upping its Fashion Documentary game so it’s worth a browse.

The Gripping Crime One…

Sons of Anarchy – If you’ve not heard of this you must have been living under a rock with no Internet. It has been a massive hit on Netflix recently and I’ve been hooked on it for a while. It follows the story of Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle club, through good times and bad. What I love about this is the weaving of smaller stories in and out of the bigger plot. It keeps you interested and on your toes. I cannot speak highly enough of this!

The Comic Book Adaptations…

Gotham – Gotham opens with the murder of the Wayne’s and it follows Jim Gordon and young Bruce Wayne (Batman) trying to discover their killer. Each episode follows a case that Gordon is working on, and each case will introduce you to, or tell a story of one of the villains in the Batman movies. Again there are multiple stories and rivalries that reel you in and get you hooked. Before you know it, you’ve lost half a day! This is my current addiction. I bloody love it!

Daredevil – I’m only a few episodes into this one, but already I’m liking it. It the follow the story of Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer by day and crime fighter at night.  If I’m honest it’s pretty predictable comic book stuff (thus far), but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

The Trashier One…

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Drag Queens from all over America battle it out to be crowned the winner. They compete over various challenges, where you gain an insight into their skills, lives and struggles. Naturally there is a whole heap of bitchiness and drama too! Arguably it’s been a groundbreaking show, putting Drag into the mainstream, it’s definitely responsible for getting people discussing drag and LGBT rights and struggles.

Ru and Michelle are amazing, I’m completely in love with the show and I can’t wait for the next season to air in the UK. (Come on Netflix, this girl needs her dose of Drag!)

If you have any recommendations please leave them below… The Winter is Looong!



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