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Habit is a funny thing, for some reason each A/W I decide I need a new pair of boots. This is in spite of the fact I already have a few decent pairs. This year I decided I needed something smarter, my normal go to boots are my trusty biker boots  (I’m cringing at the hideous quality of the photos) or my brogue, combat style boots and they weren’t cutting it. To further justify this purchase I decided that I needed them to wear to the office, again in spite of the fact of our casual, ‘you can get away with wearing vans’ dress code.  So naturally I am temporarily reviving Shoesday to show you my gorgeous new boots.

I had been eyeing up low heeled, Chelsea style boots. However, as a girl with huge feet, Chelsea boots are a no, no because they make my feet look huge! They’re also not really ‘me.’ After scrolling through the Mr Shoes website on my lunch break, I discovered these and hot footed it to the store to try them on. They are smart, yet still a little ‘me,’ and in they walked to my life. Introducing my AW boots!

Marco Tozzi Chain Ankle Boots

Marco Tozzi Chain Ankle Boots

Marco Tozzi Chain Ankle Boots

Marco Tozzi Chain Ankle Boots 

Smart, easy to walk in and good quality. What more could you want from a pair of boots?!

These are high quality vegan leather, in fact I had assumed they were leather, that is how good they are! The inside is soft and slightly fluffy, making the shoes comfortable and keeping your feet warm. They zip up on the inside and are easy to put on. I really love the chain detailing on the back (that’s the ‘me’ element) and the wooden effect heels adds something a little different.

At first these felt a little tight, however after wearing them for an hour or two with huge bed socks on, they stretched a little and fit my feet a lot better. These are also true to size. If you have wide feet, these may not be for you though.

Now onto the comfort factor, aka the most important part of the shoe… they are incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in. I broke these in by walking to work and wearing them all day. My walk to work is a mile and a half and my feet did not hurt at all, I also lasted all day in them and walked home. So these shoes are officially a winner.

They look cool and are incredibly comfortable. Who says you can’t have comfort and style?!

What’s your go to winter boot?



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