Shoesday – My Winter Boots

Nothing beats a good pair of boots in the winter. I’ve had these bad boys for a while now, I thought I had posted about them, but my dashboard is telling me otherwise! Clearly I dream about blogging! If you have seen this before I do apologise. So without further ado, here are my awesome winter boots – the Office Breakin Brogue Boots in Black…

I had been after a pair of Dr Martin like boots for a while. I really like the style, but I could not justify the price and I was convinced that they would do nothing for my man feet. Instead I opted for the same-ish style but with a more feminine details.

I got them for just under £60, with my student discount deal, they retail for £65, which is a bargain for real leather, sturdy winter boots! They also have them in Tan, incase you were interested.

They are a little big for me, I could have done with a half size if I am honest, but it means I can wear my insoles or fluffy socks in them for extra comfort. They are a bit of a pain to break in, but once they are broken in they are super comfy. Hopefully they should keep my feet warm and dry this winter. They are well and truly a staple in my wardrobe. Now I just need to find some frilly socks to go with them.

What are you winter shoe staples?


Song of the Day – Nickelback – Photograph
It has been in my head all day, for no apparent reason. It is actually driving me insane, I really hope I can sleep tonight!
(nb I am writing this late Monday night!)


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