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Crunchy leaves, cool air and long hot baths and showers are just some of the things that I love about autumn. For me it’s the season of winding down and resting up before the party season begins. So the perfect autumnal nights are all about a girls night in or a dose of indulgent me-time. It’s also that this time of year that I’m extra kind to my skin and like to make sure that it’s soothed and hydrated. Recently, I was kindly sent some bath and shower products from Simply Soaps. I added them straight to my bath and shower routine and haven’t looked back since.  They’re a British company who hand makes 100% organic and natural products from the Norfolk woodland. All of their products are gentle and kind to the skin, which is great if you’re prone to dry, itchy limbs like me!

Simply Soaps

A bathtime wonder

For the ultimate indulgent treat, grab a magazine, a face mask and a few candles and run yourself a bath. I do this sporadically as I don’t actually have a bath in my house, so I always push the boat out whenever I’m away. There’s just something about laying back in a hot bath, closing your eyes and slowly drifting away as the aches and pains leave your muscles.

Simply Soaps

The Queen of Sheeba Bath Salts are a wonderful bath time treat. If they’re good enough for the Queen of Sheeba and Cleopatra they’ll do for this pale ass blogger! The bath salts contain a blend of goats milk, dead sea salts, rose and geranium. They smell absolutely delightful, the delicate floral scent is subtle but noticeable enough to make a difference to your mood. They make the water feel silky smooth and are a nourishing and gentle treat for the skin. The combination of the dead sea salts and the aromatic scents helped me relax quicker too. When I hopped out of the bath resembling a shrivelled prune it felt like I didn’t need to moisturise – that’s unheard of for me.

I’m now incredibly sad that we don’t have a bath in our house and I’ll be packing these with me overtime I travel. A little goes a long way with these too, so they should last a really long time. They would make a great gift too, these in a Kilner jar with a candle and another Simply Soaps product would be a lovely treat for someone.

Everyday little luxuries

Simply Soaps

I was also sent the Simply Soaps Geranium and Rose Soap to try and I absolutely love it. I’m one of those people was has to shower in the morning to feel human. That and dark, cold morning tend not to go hand in hand. So a little bribery in the form of a little shower time treat is definitely needed. This subtle rosy smelling soap hits the nail right on the head. It feels luxurious and creamy on the skin. It’s also gentle and hydrating thanks to the rasped oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. There are whole rose petals inside the soap so it looks as gorgeous as it feels.

Again, after using the soap I felt like I didn’t need to moisturise my body at all. My skin felt, soft, smooth and nourished, instead of the usual tight and itchy feeling I get. Despite feeling like my body didn’t ned it, I applied my usual moisturiser and got on with my day. I’ve been using this continuously for a month now and the quality of my skin has improved tenfold. I no longer have irritated red skin or any dry patches, which is a first going into the autumn. I honestly couldn’t recommend switching to an organic soap enough!

I’m not sure I should mention the c-Word yet, but these products would make lovely gifts. Simply Soaps also offer a monthly subscription of a range of their soaps. So your favourite soap will land on your doorstep once a month, so you’ll never be without it…genius! You can probably tell I’m a little but smitten with these goodies, they’ve become firm favourites. Both the Queen of Sheeba Bath Salts and The Rose Geranium soap are really affordable at £3.79 and £2.79 respectively. So if you’re looking for some new treat this Autumn, check out Simply Soaps (you can find your nearest stockist here.)



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