Soupologie Cookbook

This year I’ve become a little obsessed with soup. It’s the perfect lunchtime treat – I like to think of it as a hug in a mug. As the warmer months come around I’ll be dabbling in making gazpacho too. Making soup from scratch isn’t hard at all and in fact it’s much tastier than anything you can buy in the supermarket. The hard bit is finding a delicious recipes that are flavoursome. This is where the incredible Soupologie cookbook fits in. This bright and colourful book is jam-packed full of simple, delicious soup recipes that never fail to disappoint!

Soupologie Cookbook

You may recognise the Soupologie brand. They are known for their fresh, healthy soups without all of the nasties in them. I often spot them perched on the shelves during my weekly supermarket shop. Their soups are free from gluten, wheat and dairy and they are suitable for vegans. Each of their soups is wholesome and nutritious, but still tastes yummy and satisfying – a balance which is hard to strike!

Soupologie - Broccoli soup

The Soupologie cookbook is divided up into colour coded sections which makes it easy to navigate.  Each recipe has a gorgeous photo of what your soup should look like, alongside a story about one of the key ingredients. The layout makes it really easy to follow along when you are cooking too. The brocoli soup with almond pesto (above) and thai carrot and peanut soup (below) are two of my current favourites. What I really love about this book is the mixture of your more standard soups with the more out of the box ones. For example Strawberry and Tarragon soup sits alongside the tomato based soups in the red section. This delicious sounding concoction is definitely on my summer soup list!

Soupologie Thai Carrot and peanut soup

The ingredients themselves are really easy to source. They tend to be things that you either have in your cupboard or would normally pick up during your weekly shop. The recipes are simple to follow and take between half an hour and forty five minutes to cook, only half of which requires you actually doing something. Making soup is simpler than you think. All you need to do is chop your veg, find your seasoning and simmer in stock before blending. Simple! I can guarantee that they will taste nicer than your bog standard supermarket soup as well.

Whilst I can’t get on board with the idea of a soup cleanse or a soup plan, as suggested in the book (you have a liver for that stuff). I can get on with the delicious , nutritious and easy to follow recipes. It’s now my go-to and has save me hours of trawling the internet for soup recipes and hoping that my lunch won’t be a disappoint come Monday afternoon! Plus at £9.99 on Amazon you can’t go wrong!

Are you a fan of the Soupologie cookbook?



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