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After what feels like the longest winter on record, spring is finally here! The only thing more exciting than watching the flowers bloom are seeing the shops jam packed full of SS18 clothes. At the start of a new season I aways feel inspired to try new trends and add a few key pieces to my wardrobe. Fortunately the trends are in my favour this season and I have so much to choose from. I’ve become obsessed with the tailoring and suits, the crayola bright colour palette, sheer fabrics and OTT earrings. Its safe to say I was in heaven when intu Chapelfield asked me to choose a key piece and style a key SS18 trend two ways for their Norwich Loves Fashion Event on the 17th and 18th March. So heres my take on SS18 tailoring two ways. 

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Smart

Making a trend work for you

After a little research on the SS18 trends and a Pret pit stop, I was a woman on a mission. I knew I was after a tailored pair of trousers with a side stripe to go with my black Zara blazer. I wanted to keep a look out for something in a bold colour or perhaps in millennial pink.

For me, it was important to find pieces that were in keeping with my everyday style. I’m not the kind of person to buy a whole new outfit all at once. I like to pick up bits and bobs now and again that work with other pieces in my wardrobe. Fortunately, most of my wardrobe is monochrome which makes that task a little easier. I also like to play around with trends that are very me. I’m not one for wearing something because it’s trendy. If I’m wearing it, it’s because I love it and it makes me feel great. Some may call me picky, but I like to think of it as shopping smart!

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways – The outfits

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Smart

After taking 20 pairs of almost identical trousers into the Zara changing rooms I finally settled on a pair! I opted for a tailored pair of cropped black trousers with a red and white stripe down the side*. I’d been lusting after something on the smarter side of the sports luxe trend for a while. For me, tracksuit bottoms are for flights and lazing around at home in. So I love the fact I can get the sporty vibe from a tailored pair of trousers that I can wear dressed up or dressed down. I loved the pop of red too – red is one of the few colours I wear and again is a major SS18 trend.

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways – Smart

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Smart

Another trend I’m obsessed with is suits. They were all over the catwalks and I love how they’ve taken a modern and sassy twist. Gone are the days of a suit making you feel like you’re dressing up as an adult going to work – hurrah! I knew finding a matching side stripe jacket just wasn’t me. So I decided to pair the trousers with my trusty black longline Zara blazer. I picked this up last year (I’m pretty sure they do a variation each year though) and have loved it ever since. I also found a white silky shirt from H&M* to pair with it. A white shirt never goes out of style, but this season they’ve taken an 80’s twist. Pussybow blouses and silky shirts are everywhere, the former look ridiculous on me so I opted for a more subtle this trend.

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Smart

For accessories SS18 is all about going big or going home! I picked up a huge red tote bag from Primark and paired them with some red statement earrings to give a nod to the on trend crayola bright colour palette. Finally, I kept the shoes classic and paired the outfit with my black court shoes from M&S.

I feel like this look really sums up my personal style, classic with a bit of a subtle seasonal twist.

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways – Casual

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Casual

For my second look I wanted to make the trousers work for a more relaxed weekend look. It’s the kind of outfit that I’d wear for half a day shopping at intu Chapelfield. I like to think that I look like I’ve made an effort but I’m still comfy as possible!

This time I paired the trousers with a bright red knitted jumper from H&M*. I know the words knitted jumper and SS18 may not be obvious partners, but this is the UK, you need a jumper all year around! It’s the kind of piece you can throw on, on a summers evening or wear over a cami top on a warmer spring day. 

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Casual

To keep it casual I paired the outfit with some black trainers and a backpack which is a key shopping piece. It keeps both of your hands free and saves you needing a carrier bag at the till. I’m also wore some silver star studded earring from Lisa Angel and a pair of huge black round sunglasses. Round sunglasses are in this season and black never goes out of style.

The possibilities are endless!

I absolutely love the versatility of the three pieces I picked up. The trousers look equally as amazing with a distressed white tee and my orange coat. I’ve got a feeling that they would look amazing with a cami top on warmer summer days too. The white silky shirt will forever be a wardrobe staple and is great as a cover up for holidays. Finally the red jumper goes with just about everything.

Norwich Loves Fashion

SS18 Tailoring Two Ways - Smart

So if you’re feeling inspired to pick up some new SS18 pieces, why not pop along to the Norwich Loves Fashion Event on 17th and 18th of March at intu Chapelifeld. There will be stylists and experts on hand to help you find the trends that suit you, live catwalks and erm me! That’s right I’ll be attempting to conquer my fear of public speaking and general dislike of anyone paying attention to me on Sunday the 18th between 12:30 and 2pm. I’ll be awkwardly showing off my outfits and having a chat with the intu Chapelfield about the amazing SS18 trends that you can shop. 


Photos by Laura Ellen Wright and Laura Stafford-Smith inside intu Chapelfield and outside Norwich Castle 

This post is in collaboration with intu Chapelfield. All items with an * next to them were bought with a gift card.

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