Summer Heatwave Essentials

I’m sitting typing up this post in the sunshine and it is well over 20 degrees. It may well sound like I am abroad but I’m actually in my parents back garden in the UK. I am beyond happy that it is finally warm! I am one of those people that is always cold so this weather has been like heaven for me. There have been a few hot and sticky days for me but for most of them they have been pleasant, I know that a lot of people are melting though. So today I thought I would share with you my summer essentials aka the bits and bobs that make the heat much better!

An Overlay photograph of my summer essentials

A photograph of my summer fashion, beauty and lifestyle essentials

SPF – Riemann P20 SPF 50+This SPF is amazing, you put it on in the morning and you don’t have to worry about re applying it, so it is more than worth the price tag! SPF in the summer goes without saying really.

A water based body spray – mine is Laura Ashley – This is so handy to carry around and spritz on, not only does it make you smell good but it is also really refreshing. This was part of a gift set at Christmas so I am not sure where you can get it now.

Sure Maximum Protection DeodorantIf you are a sweaty Betty like me you’ll use this all year around but it comes in handy in the summer. It give 48 hour protection, it stops you sweating and smelling horrible. This stuff is genius!

A Body Scrub – Lush Herbalism Scrubbing your body will not only get rid of any nasty, dry patches but it also makes your shave last longer and your face skin (lol) super smooth #win.  Lush Herbalism is for both the face and body so it’s a multi-tasking product. I’ve reviewed this here.

Hair ties – For that emergency pineapple…

A good hydrating moisturiser – Re-Gen Cream and SerumThis is a must have for anyone with dry or scarring prone skin. Both the serum and cream are really light and give your face so much moisture. The quality of my skin has improved tenfold since using these. The moisturiser also works wonders on sun burn and you can use it all over your body too. They last forever as well!  I’ll be raving about these soon.

Water – Well because we all need to stay hydrated…it goes without saying really. I always have a bottle on me when I am out and about.

Primers – I’m a recent convert to these after a bad experience with one. They make you make up last all day. I’ve been using eye primer for ages and I really like the Rimmel Exaggerate One. Benefit’s Porefessional is amazing, it does the job nicely and it has helped protect any angry scars from becoming redder and more inflamed, improving the overall quality of the skin.

I would recommend using these all the time but they are a must for super long days and events.


Setting Spray – Urban Decay All Nighter This stuff is amazing! You spray it on your face following a union jack (top to bottom, side to side and diagonally both ways.) It makes you make up feel weightless, it honestly makes your face feel like skin. The initial spray is rather refreshing and your make up does not budge at all. I used this for graduation and my make up lasted over 12 hours before I would have needed to touch up.

A light base – Max Factor CC CreamThe last thing you want on your face is a full and heavy foundation when it is baking outside. I am a light base girl anyway but even more so in the summer.

Lip Essentials – Mint Julips Scrub, Korres Lip Butter and A bold Lip – Kate Moss in 107 You want your lips looking nice in the summer so I use a scrub when they are looking dry followed by Korres Lip Butter, which is amazing. I really like this as it is a stick formula and it doesn’t melt everywhere like my Vaseline! A bold lip is always great for when you’re wearing less make up and it distracts from any imperfections on you face.

Waterproof Mascara – Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof – This stuff is amazing. I go waterproof on hot days to make sure I don’t look like Alice Cooper, it’s not a good look on me! Check out my review here.

Huge Sunnies – Well because it’s sunny and it hides those black bags.  The ones pictured are this seasons Primark.

Loose Flowy Clothes – That dress was from H&M years ago and it makes an appearance every year! H&M is amazing for cheap and flowy dresses that fit will. I was going to show some other ones but they are being washed. Typical!  Light and flowy is a must, it lets the air get around you and they are comfortable. The last thing I want is tight, heavy material on in the sun that makes you sweat.

So there we go my summer heatwave essentials! What would you include?

(I’ve probably missed out a billion things!!)



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