Summer Road Trip Essentials Featuring Nakd and Trek

Along with the plethora of social occasions, summer is also road trip season. Whether that’s an epic trek across the country or a short drive to the coast you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the car. With two road trips under my belt already this summer I thought it was about time to chat about my summer road trip essentials for those long car journeys. Unsurprisingly food is always the top of my list. I’m gluten and wheat free and try to eat as healthy as possible. When I’m traveling I always have my trusty Nakd or Trek bars close by. Along with a few other road trip essentials of course!

Summer Road trip Essentials featuring Nakd and Trek

Snacks. I never travel without some form of gluten free snack. When you have any kind of allergy or intolerance eating on the go can be a bit challenging! I always pack a selection of treats from Nakd and Trek. Whether I’m travelling by plane, train or automobile they’re always by my side. Fun fact I’ve sacked on them in Croatia, Paris and Amsterdam to name a few places!

Nakd Bars. These are an oldie but a goodie. If you don’t know what they are, they are health food bars made from fruit and nuts and more importantly none of the crap that normally gets snuck into bars! There’s no shortage of flavours either. They are always coming out with limited edition flavours too. The lemon drizzle and carrot cake summer flavours are incredible. They taste like a lighter, healthier version of the cakes.

Nakd Nibbles. These are a twist on the classic Nakd bars. They are tiny little balls made up from fruit and nuts and packed full of flavour. If you have a sweet tooth you need to try the salted caramel ones. They hit the spot nicely!

Trek Protein Energy Bites. These are my most recent discovery and oh my, they are delicious! Imagine if Nakd bars and Trek flapjacks had a baby it would be these. They are chunks of oats, fruit and nuts with deliciously sweet flavours. Toffee Triumph is hands down my favourite. It’s so sweet. It;s the perfect thing to reach for instead of sweets or a chocolate bar.

What I really love about these snacks is how good they make you feel. They have the flavour of sweet treat but all of the benefits of natural ingredients. I’d much rather reach for these in the glove box than a sticky and messy sweet treat that makes you feel a bit rubbish!

Pro tip – you can buy them in bulk here.

Summer Roadtrip Essentials

Water. I always stock up on bottled water for long car journeys and I make sure we have more than enough for the whole journey, just incase we get stuck in traffic or can’t stop. There’s nothing worse than a long car journey when you’re dehydrated. Sparkling water is great if you’re craving something fizzy but want to be hydrated.

Suncream. I always have a bottle in the car as you can burn through the car windows leaving you with interesting sun burn. Which is never fun.

Magazine or book. I’m never without my copy of Elle magazine when I’m travelling. Rarely do I read it in the car as it makes em feel a bit ill, but it’s great to have some form of entertainment on you. Especially as you can’t rely on phone signal anywhere when travelling.

Thin layers. It may be sunny outside but if you have air conditioning you will get cold. Having a thin cardie within arms reach is an essential!

Download your fave Spotify lists or make a CD – It’ll save you going insane from hearing the same tunes, news report or story over and over again on long car journeys. It’s also a good back up for when you lose radio signal. My favourite summer thing is to listen to my pop punk playlist. I always used to do this when I was a teenager and it’s such a nice bit of nostalgia.

Granted my summer road trip essentials are rather food and drink heavy but there’s nothing worse than being hungry or dehydrated on a long car journey. Let’s face it, if you’re travelling with someone else, you’re probably going to get on each other’s nerves at some point so anything to minimise that is a winner in my book.

What are your summer road trip essentials?


The Nakd and Trek goodies were kindly sent to me. However I buy them on a weekly basis and genuinely love them!

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