Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

The Race Horse Company’s performance of Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival might just be the randomist, most exciting and confusing thing I’ve ever seen. The Finnish circus troupe are renowned for their death-defying stunts combined with humour and madcap brilliance. What I wasn’t expecting was a group of men who looked like they were about to embark on a stag do to appear on stage. That was all part of the sheer brilliance of the show though.

Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

From the second the show began you could feel an electric atmosphere and huge sense of anticipation. As the evening progressed the audience embarked on a journey of confusion, sheer disbelief and awe, all powered by adrenaline. If I hadn’t have done my nails the night before I’d have none left! The clever use of lighting and music all added to the drama, grasping the audience’s attention and setting the pace of the evening.

The set resembled an abandoned circus, with a horseless carousel, trampolines, strength-o-meters and a rotating circular cage. Each item was moved in and out by the troupe themselves. It was all rather impressive and perhaps a metaphor for The Race Horse Company redefining circus for the modern age.

Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Each carefully choreographed move appeared to make no sense. It kept the audience wanting more and more. They built up the anticipation, beginning with simple, yet impressive stunts before incorporating more apparatus and more members of the troupe. We moved from seesawing back flipping acrobatics, to humans (and a teddy bear) taking flight, nunchaku fights and epic group trampoline sequences. Before rounding off the night with a cellophane wrap resurrection on a spinning circular cage. That’s without mentioning the slap dash, tongue in cheek acting, twerking to rival Nicki Minaj and outfits that would make even Miley Cyrus blush.

Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

It was the kind of show that made you have your heart in your mouth. Perhaps not one for the Captain Sensibles or faint-hearted! I was in awe of what the Race Horse Company troupe were able to do with their bodies. At times I felt nauseous just watching them. If they were able to bottle their high-octane energy they would make millions. Quite frankly it’s the sort of show that you need to see to believe.

Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

   The comfortable, welcoming setting of the Norwich Theatre Royal was definitely the perfect antidote to a nail-biting evening! Unfortunately, I witnessed the last performance of Super Sunday at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Super Sunday is touring the UK though, with dates in Warwick, Derby and Huddersfield in the upcoming months. 

Have you been lucky enough to see Super Sunday? 


Norfolk and Norwich festival is on until 28th of May. You can find out more about the performances here and keep up with the action using the hashtag #NNF17. You can catch my reviews of more of the performances here.

All photos are c/o Petter Hellman.

I was gifted a ticket to this performance for the purpose of review. As always my opinion remains honest and unbiased.

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