Surviving Christmas

It may be known as the most wonderful time of year, but Christmas can be a stressful, awkward experience. There’s always that one challenging person you really didn’t want to see. Forced socialisation on days where there’s nothing open to escape to can be tough as well. You may even feel like you’re losing your mind at times. I’m aware I sound like a negative Nancy here but I’m just keeping it real. We don’t need to hear how amazing and wonderful Christmas is all of the time because it’s not for everyone. Wit this in mind, I thought I’d put together a few tips and tricks on surviving Christmas.

Surviving Christmas

Take time out for yourself.

Nobody can be sociable, happy and bubbly 24/7, allow yourself a small window of time to yourself to keep you sane. Read that book you got in your stocking, take a power nap or sit and stare at the wall. As long as you are doing it alone and giving yourself ┬ábit of me time and head space, you’ll see your stress levels drop.

Don’t stop doing what you normally do.

This ties in with the point above. It’s our routines that keep us feeling like regular human beings. If you always take the dog for a walk at 6, keep on doing it. If you have a hot shower before bed, keep doing it or if you’re a social media lover, keep on checking Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. By no means am I saying treat Christmas like a regular work or blogging day, but keep on doing those little things that make you happy. Be respectful of other people’s little things too, if they wander off for alone time or stare at their phone for a bit, they’re not being rude, probably just feeling a little overwhelmed. And you know what… that’s perfectly ok.


A few breaths can work miracles. Take three deeps breaths and really focus on them, it’ll clear your mind and help you feel better. If you’re really stressed breathe and count to ten in your head. Scents can work wonders too, so if you’re hosting Christmas burn a relaxing candle. It will help calm everyone down and opt for relaxing music too. If you’re not hosting, little rollerball scents will help or gift the host a calming candle or light the one you got in your stocking. The mood will be a whole lot lighter.

Eat mindfully.

So this may be a little difficult with the constant supply of food at Christmas, but there’s nothing worse than feeling ill from over indulging on rich heavy foods. Survey the whole table or room of food before making your choice. Pick your favourite things and don’t go overboard. You’ll find you enjoy your favourite snacks more this way!

It’s about giving not receiving.

As long as you have tried your best and made an effort with your gift giving, that’s all you can do. Don’t let your happiness on Christmas day depend on a gift that someone may or may not get you. Enjoy the feeling of spoiling others but don’t expect the same back. If you are spoilt it will be a nice surprise and if you aren’t you won’t be too heart broken.

So take notes or go ahead and create your own ways of surviving Christmas. You may surprise yourself if you go in with the right mindset. If you are heading into a difficult situation this Christmas remember that the opinions and attitudes of others don’t reflect on the incredible person you are. If it gets all too much you can call 116 123 and speak to the Samaritans, they are there to help 24/7 365 days a year.



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  1. 21st December 2016 / 16:47

    YES! I get so excited but then usually a few hours in and I want to hide away somewhere on my own with a book! HA!!!!!

    I’d love to say that I’ll be eating mindfully this year but I doubt I will, I’m just too greedy!

    Hope you have a good one x

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