A Temple Spa Facial With Chris At The Edge Norwich

The Edge is fast becoming my go to place for all things beauty. I’ve written about my amazing gel nails before, but this time around I tried something different – a Temple Spa facial. Temple Spa are well-known and respected in the spa industry, and they are one of the few spa brands that you can easily use at home. They are renowned for their good quality, Mediterranean ingredients in their luxurious skin treatments. So what better way of trying out a new brand than with a facial?

Temple Spa Facial At The Edge Norwich

Chris’ treatment room at the Edge has the most incredible view of the cathedral. It is a little sanctuary of calm and relaxation away from the madness of the city centre.  Relaxing music was playing as we chatted about my skin type, the products I use, my allergies and my skin concerns. I then settled down for Chris to work his magic on my face.

Temple Spa Facial Products At The Edge Norwich - 746

Chris began my gently removing my make up. He used the Temple Spa Go Easy Eye Make Up Remover to remove my mascara. It felt cooling, soothing and gentle on my eyes. My mascara was gone in a flash. On the rest of my face he used the Dual Act Cleanser, which can be used both wet and dry for different treatments. It was lightweight and soothing on my skin. For a second cleanse Chris used the In The Beginning Cleansing Melt which felt luxuriously hydrating on my skin. The cleanser contains wax balls which burst as the product is massaged into the skin. At this point I drifted off into a state of pure relaxation as a hot cloth was used gently on my skin.

After cleansing came exfoliation in the form of the delicious smelling Temple Spa Breakfast Smoothie. This was a gentle and creamy scrub that was also used as a mask. As the mask was left to do it work, Chris massaged my decalotage, shoulders, arms and neck. It was heavenly and worked wonders on my aching back. Next up was the Becalm Face Mask which is designed to smooth, calm and plump any sensitive and irritated skin. It certainly worked its magic on some angry-looking acne scarring I had on my right cheek. Then it was onto the second massage and hot cloth mask removal which felt divine!

The Be Strong Serum felt light and refreshing on my skin, it’s designed to give you that dewy glow. Chris followed that up with Moisture To Go, everywhere apart from my cheeks, he gently massaged the Be Still Moisturiser there, which is designed to calm inflamed areas of the skin. Finally, Windows Of The Soul Eye Treatment was gently tapped under my eyes, to refresh, brighten and de-puff them.

Temple Spa Facial At The Edge Norwich - after photo

I could instantly feel the difference in my skin. It felt healthy, hydrated and calm. The facial was thirty minutes (I think!) of sheer luxury and pampering for my skin. I hadn’t realised how much I needed it! I spent the rest of the day in a blissful state of relaxation – it was the perfect way to kick off the bank holiday. You can see the results above, my skin looks glowy, plumed and a whole lot more calm. The scarring and raised bumps on my cheeks were less angry-looking, my skin texture was smoother and the nasty bumps has disappeared, making my cheek feel less painful.

The next day I couldn’t believe how good my skin looked! It was brighter, clearer and my make up applied so much easier than normal. I’m still reaping the benefits three days later.

I couldn’t recommend getting a Temple Spa Facial with Chris, at The Edge enough! It is the perfect treat for you and your skin. Whether your skin feels congested, dehydrated or just a bit blah – it will work wonders. Facials are £15, or free when you buy two products, and are well worth every penny. Chris also offers 1 on 1 skin consultations and spa parties at home.

If your skin needs a little pick-me-up book into to see Chris for a Temple Spa Facial At The Edge here and you can find all of the products used here.

Are you a facial fan?


This was a complementary facial, as always my review is honest.

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