Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad

Thai food has to be up there as one of my favourites. I can’t get enough of the fresh, zingy flavour combinations. What I’ve never done is attempt to cook it. I always thought that it was too much faff and needed ingredients that were hard to find. Well, it turns out I was wrong! Thai Food is actually quick and simple to make at home thanks to Thai Taste and Seb Holmes. The well-known Thai restaurateur has collaborated with Thai Taste to come up with a selection of recipes using their ingredients which can be found in most supermarkets. Today, I’ve decided to cook up the Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad. 

Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad

Thai Taste and Seb Holmes

You Need: 

6 fresh tiger (or king) prawns, de-veined and sliced lengthways in half

50g fresh brown crab meat (I used a mixture of brown and white)

100g Thai Taste vermicelli noodles, blanched in boiling water for 10 minutes and then refreshed under cold water

6 cloves garlic, peeled

1 tablespoon coriander root (leave out if you can’t find)

1 tablespoon Thai Taste galangal

1 tablespoon Thai Taste turmeric paste

200ml, Thai Taste coconut milk

10g coriander, picked and washed

1 tsp Thai Taste Red Chilli paste

10g chives, chopped into 1cm pieces

10g mint, leaves torn slightly

20g peeled Thai shallots, sliced (any sweet shallot will be nice)

2 spring onions, cleaned and finely shredded

1 lime, chopped into cheeks

1 teaspoon coarse sea salt

1 tablespoon Thai Taste fish sauce

1 teaspoon Thai Taste palm sugar

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad

To do:

Mix the garlic, galangal, turmeric and red chilli paste together.

In a large pan or wok heat the vegetable oil on a medium to high heat and then fry this paste out, moving constantly to avoid it sticking to the pan. When the paste begins to turn golden brown in colour add the prawns and brown crab meat and continue to fry for a further 2-3 minutes until they are completely pink and hot throughout.

At this stage add the fish sauce and the palm sugar and fry for a further 30 seconds to caramelise the sugar, you will notice that the paste begins to darken at this stage. Next add the coconut milk, blanched noodles, shallots, mint, coriander and chives and delicately toss everything together in the pan allowing the noodles, salad and prawns to all mix and be coated by the coconut sauce.

Serve the noodles straight away in bowls with spoons and chop sticks and a cheek of lime, it’s also great with a good helping of Thai Taste sweet chilli sauce. 

Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad

I can’t get over how quick and simple the Thai Taste and Seb Holmes Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad was to make. It took half an hour in total and most of the work was chopping. The actual cooking time was ten minutes if that. I managed to find all of the ingredients, apart from coriander root, in my local Tesco. The dish itself was light, fresh and creamy, I could have eaten twice as much. It’s the perfect lightweight evening meal for the warmer months.

So if you’re a fan of Thai food, head to your local supermarket and raid the Thai Taste section – you won’t be disappointed! All of the ingredients I used were gluten free too, which is incredible, as a lot of Asian food tend to have  gluten or wheat into it! Once you’ve cooked your way through this Thai Taste and Seb Holmes recipe, the Thai Taste website has plenty more for you to try!

Is anyone else a Thai Food lover?


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I was sent the Thai Taste ingredients and Seb Holmes recipe for consideration for review. As always my review remains honest and unbiased.

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