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I’ve always loved having painted nails, but I’ve always hated taking the time out to paint them! Lately I’ve been finding the time (and effort) to do them myself and it’s all thanks to an amazing base coat with incredible staying power. It’s surprising how much difference little things can make! As I have re-kindled my love with DIY manicures, I thought I’d share the polishes that I am loving. From nudes to blacks to cool top coats there is something for everyone…Welcome to The Nail Edit! 

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The Holy Grail Products…

The Nail Edit : The Products

Prep and Polish…

The Nail Edit : Prep and Polish

Maybelline Super Stay Base Coat – This stuff is amazing, it is the only thing that makes my nail polish last longer than a few days. The super wide brush makes it really easy to apply and it dries in seconds, making painting your nails really easy. The Super Stay Base coat works with any nail varnish and improves the longevity vastly. You could use the cheapest polish or the most expensive and with this as your base, you will be sorted for days.

I also use this as a top coat, it adds a little sheen to the nails and seals everything in place.

Avon Nail Illuminator – I love this for days when you need something on your nails, but you don’t have time to use colour. It is also perfect for protecting your nails and making them look healthy, when they’re actually stained. As the name suggests the Avon Nail Illuminator adds a clear and healthy shine to your nails. For me it stops me biting them as they look so good! Check it out.

Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint in Matt Demon – This genius product turns any of your nail polishes into a matte one, meaning you don’t have to go and buy matte versions of your favourite shades. It is fast drying and really fun to use. I love watching my nails turn matte! I’ve used this in this post, so check out my review and the look in full.

The Jazzy Top Coats…

The Nail Edit : The Top Coats

Models Own Nail Polish In Snowflake – This glittery and shimmery top coat works well with every single colour polish and it adds a bit of jazz to your hands. I love wearing this around Christmas and I love the fact each time you use it, it gives a slightly different effect. It really is gorgeous but it’s a bitch to remove! All hail Models Own! Read all about it here…

Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects This stuff is the bomb, it makes your nails look really unique.  The skinny brush makes precise application really easy. This one is best used over a nail polish, apparently you can use it alone but I dread to think how many layers you would need! The blue shade is also gorgeous and you can’t say no to the price. Think polka dot nails but with attitude. Check it out here.

The Lighter Shades…

The Nail Edit : The Lighter Shades

Natural Collection Oyster Pink Fun fact, this was one of the first nail polishes that I ever bought. It is a gorgeous pale pink, that gives your nails the most amazing sheen. It gives your nails a classy, barely there look. I always feel really sophisticated when I wear this. Now, I must mention that I’m not a pink person either, so if you too aren’t a fan of pink, Oyster Pink is the shade for you. The pink doesn’t show up as vibrant as the bottle, on your nails. Think a sheeny french manicure shade.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Grey Matter This is the perfect grey nail polish. The formula is bang on, the brush is thick and it dries really quickly. The shade is perfect, it is a light grey with bluey undertones and looks fabulous all year round. Check it out in all its glory.

Barry M in Cappuccino This, the red gelly nails shade and the matte black are the only Barry M polishes I actually like. Controversially I’m not a fan! However this shade is an exception. It is a gorgeous browny, lavender colour that is unique and gorgeous in the fall. The brush is skinny, which is its downfall but the lasting power is amazing, provided you pair it with the Maybelline top coat. Check it out..

The Darker Vampy Ones…

The Nail Edit : The Darker Shades


Kiko Nail Lacquer in 227 (Dark Rouge Noir) – This is an amazing, deep oxblood colour. It is somewhere between red wine and a blackened red – the perfect vampy shade. It applies like a dream, has a wide brush and lasts a good while. As a girl that is too fond of black nails, this is the perfect shade when you fancy a change. Read all about it.


Sephora Formula X in Dark Matter – When I was in Sephora in Paris I had to pick this up. The world and their dog had been raving about these polishes and rightly so! This is possibly the only polish with a skinny brush that I really like. It collects the perfect amount of product and makes the application of the nail polish really easy. It dries quickly and two coats give you a gorgeous gel like effect. I’d go as far as saying that this is the only polish that actually looks like gel! Your nails are left gorgeous and glossy, the shine is incredible and so too is the staying power. Thanks to this polish, my nails were black for a month. It doesn’t stain either, which is a bonus! See more…

Honorary Mentions… 

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Black Out – I’ve bought this polish about three time now and pre Formula X it was my go to and it shall be when my Formula X runs out. I love the formulation of the 60 Seconds range, its second to none! If you want a cheap, long lasting black nail polish, head to the Rimmel stand. 

Bog Standard Nail Files – Why waste your money on expensive ones? I always find the bog standard files you find in Tesco last ages and aren’t too harsh on my nails. I love the smaller ones you can get in plastic cases as they are perfect to pop into your handbag. 

Pretty Quick Instant Nail Polish Remover – Essentially a pot with a nail varnish remover, soaked sponge in, that makes nail polish removal super easy and quick. Think the hype Borjoius one, but half the price. Who’d have thought something so simple would make such a big difference! 

So there we have it, a selection of my nail polish collection and a shout out to my holy grail products.  What nails polishes have you been loving?



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