The Old Ones Are The Best

If your granny always told you that the old ones are the best, she might just have been right. Granted Noddy was referring to music and I’m talking about clothes, but I think we both have a point! As a blogger most people would assume that I’m always shopping and buying new clothes. I do spent a lot of time window shopping but I rarely buy a lot. If I do it’s normally for a purpose, i.e. I’m replacing an item or have an event to go to. So in a very un-blogger like series I thought I’d start sharing some of my oldest items of clothes, starting with this ensemble, which was snapped in Foxley Woods.

The old ones are the best

If anyone tells you clothes from the high street don’t last, ignore them! All of the clothes in this picture are three or more years old and have been worn regularly. The key when shopping is to pay attention to the material, stitching and how sturdy it looks. If you tick those boxes and pay a little more for items you’ll wear to death (like the jeans) then your clothes will last a long time.
My trademark sunglasses – Primark. You can never go wrong with a huge pair of sunglasses. You also can’t go wrong when they’re £2 and last three years. They’ve since become my signature sunglasses and I don’t know what I’d do without them!
Thin knit black jumper – H&M. This has been my go to for autumn, winter and spring for years now. A plain black baggy jumper will always be a staple item. It’s perfect for layering up or wearing on its own when it’s warmer.

The old ones are the best

Necklace – H&M. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve had this now! I feel like it’s always been there. It’s a bit of a statement necklace so it’s perfect for jazzing or smartening up outfits.
Blue coat – F+F at Tesco. I’m pretty sure I picked this up whilst I was at uni. It’s a lightweight longline biker style jacket, which is made from a neoprene material and is fully lined. It’s a great casual coat to throw on and add a bit of colour on cooler days.
Boots – Office. These have gone from being my winter staples to the boots that I wear on walks or to the beach.  They aren’t really my style anymore but they’re so practical. They’re real leather which is probably why they’re still going strong. Although they could definitely do with a good clean and polish.

The old ones are the best

Jeans – Levi.  I picked these up at an Intu Chapelfield student discount night around five years ago. They started off as black skinny jeans. Now they’ve faded and become more of a straight leg style. I took a pair of scissors to these a few months ago as they looked too worn and washed out to not be distressed. Up until last Christmas I was wearing these daily to work which should tell you how hardy they are!
So there we go, look after your clothes and you’ll be wearing them forever. They may have even come back in fashion if you keep them long enough! In this day and age of fast fashion and buy buy buy there’s something to be said for shopping only when you need something and repurposing older clothes. The old ones are the best!
Are you a shopper, a keeper or a bit of both?


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      23rd June 2017 / 20:26

      Thank you! It was a happy accident 🙂

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