I’ve Found The Perfect Jumper For Spring

Spring is a funny old time of year. One minute it’s positively tropical, the next it’s freezing, cold and raining! Dressing for spring can be a bit of a nightmare, but I’ve found the solution with this gorgeous white jumper from Marks and Spencer. It’s thick enough of cool days, thin enough for warmer ones and perfect for freezing days if you pop a top underneath. Not only is it practical but it’s stunning and spring like thanks to the colour and subtle floral detailing. All of this makes it the perfect jumper for spring (and beyond I hope!)

The perfect jumper for Spring

The shoulder detailing is what drew me to this jumper. Just look at those gorgeous flowers, it’s a lovely girly twist on an otherwise plan jumper. I like to think it gives a bit of a nod to spring too. (Florals in spring…groundbreaking!) I tend to pair it with a dainty necklace to balance out the shoulder detailing.  I love the loose, slightly baggy fit as it makes it oh so comfortable whilst contrasting with the ‘girly’ floral shoulders. I’ve been wearing it with jeans and tucked into midi skirts too. I swear this jumper never looks bad. It really is the perfect jumper for spring! I imagine it’ll make a great cover up on cooler summer nights too.

The perfect jumper for Spring

I’m pleased to report that I’ve yet to cover this in anything. Normally when I wear white I’m a magnet for everything that stains. Admittedly it’s not a red wine and cheese jumper but for any other occasion it’ll do. I even managed to not pour diet coke all down myself right before this shoot! 

The perfect jumper for Spring

This jumper also signifies the start of something for me. I’ve decided to branch out a bit when it comes to my personal style and not stick to the same colour palette and shapes. A white jumper is hardly groundbreaking, but this time last year I wouldn’t have even glanced at it. I guess you could call this me testing out the waters with a slightly new style. You know what? It’s been a surprising confidence boost. I know it’s probably sad to admit that but I’m all about taking tiny steps towards discovering a bolder, braver style.

The perfect jumper for Spring

If like me you’re after classic items with a subtle trans-seasonal twist I’d head to Marks and Spencer. They have some stunning great quality pieces in store.  It’s safe to say I’m having a bit of a moment with Marks and Spencer at the moment and you know what? I’m perfectly ok with that!

What’s your perfect spring item?


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Laura Stafford-Smith (you can see the back of her head above!) and Laura Ellen Wright for these fabulous pictures taken at The Rooftop Gardens in Norwich.


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