The Perfect Occasion Jumpsuit

Do you ever have an idea of what an outfit will look like on you, then you try it on and become instantly disappointed. Well that’s what happens when I try jumpsuits on. In my head I’ll look like one of those chic New York women in Louboutin’s and a tailored jumpsuit. In reality I can’t stand up straight (tall problems), I have camel toe, my hips look deformed and don’t even get me started on leg length. I honestly never thought I’d own one! In the spirit of thinking outside the box for occasion wear, I nipped into H&M and found what I thought was a maxi dress in the sale and hurried off to try on. It turns out it was the perfect occasion jumpsuit.

The perfect occasion jumpsuit

The off the shoulder style and black printed, sheer and floaty fabric caught my eye. It looked like it would be the perfect hybrid of cool and comfortable. I didn’t think twice about why there were so many on sale, I was just over excited about finding my size. It turns out that the sizing must have been wrong – in a good way though. It’s definitely a jumpsuit that would find in the tall section or any other store.

The perfect occasion jumpsuit

Another one of the things I love is that it has a play suit lining. Those long and floaty sleeves and legs are shear and you limbs peep through, in a subtle yet kind of sexy, boho way. You can also spot that the fabric is actually sheer with lace like flowers running through it. It’s these little details that make such a difference. I just love the seventies vibes that this jumpsuit oozes.

The perfect occasion jumpsuit

So if you’re wondering why this is the perfect occasion jumpsuit, let me tell you. It’s comfy, as in you can wear it all day and all night, dance and eat to your heart content. Yes it’s black, but the sheer nature of the fabric and the floral print keep it wedding appropriate. It’s fun, unique and I’ve never seen anyone else wearing it either. Oh and incase you were wondering, it’s to easy to whip on and off when you need the loo. Just slip it down and you’re good to go. So no faffing with straps and zips and getting in a pickle!

The perfect occasion jumpsuit

The only downside is¬†gravity! As you can see there’s a lot of material on this jumpsuit so after a while the waist drops a bit. It would be solved with a cute waist belt. I imagine it would look good with that Gucci belt, or a cheaper alternative. Throw on a pair of heels, a cute clutch and an up-do and you’re ready to go!

If you’re not a jumpsuit gal, you might enjoy my other two occasion wear posts.

What’s your go-to occasion outfit?


Photos by Laura Stafford-Smith, the incredible artwork in the background c\o of Ruth Knapp. 


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