The Things I’d Tell My Teenage Self

Recently I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve realised how much I have grown up, and I have often found myself thinking about my teenage years and the things I had wished I’d done differently. I don’t regret anything or the way anything has turned out, because I’m happy with me, and if things were different I wouldn’t be me now. However I thought this would be an interesting post to type up and I’d love to hear what you would tell yourself.  I have a feeling most of the advice I had probably heard at that time, but I just shrugged it off and didn’t really take it on board, But hey ho, that’s what teenagers are suppose to do right? So here are the things I’d tell my teenage self.

The Things I'd Tell my teenage self

Yeah we dressed up as Emo fairies at school… I was cool like that!

1 – Stop Worrying 

Some things are out of your control, whether you like it or not you need to accept it. Life is what happens whilst you’re busy making plans and worrying about everything. You’ll learn the hard way soon, so just go out there and live. Everything happens for a reason, all of those reasons will make sense soon.


2 – The Cool Kids Won’t Be Cool Forever 

In fact they’ll leave school, get pregnant and have to grow up a lot faster than you, missing so many cool things you’ll get to experience. You don’t need to be cool, just be you, because people the people you care about actually think you’re cool.


3 – Stop Trying To Be Normal 

Normal is boring, you already know this, but stop being scared to do all of the nerdy things you want to do. You’ll regret it when you’re older. Nobody is normal and one day you’ll find someone who will love you for you, not the ‘pretend normal version.’

(On another note…. if anyone knows where he is, send him my way!)


4 – Don’t be Scared 

Put you hand up in class, share your opinion, you’re going to get get picked on anyway, so you’ve go nothing to loose.  Take and deep breath and just do it. Life is about the moments you live, not the ones you missed.


5 – Never Grow Up…Being An Adult Sucks

I’m serious, when you’re an adult you’ll wish you were still a kid. Admittedly adulthood has its perks, like freedom, independence, making a difference, living life by your own rules BUT it comes with a lot of boring stuff to balance it out. Nobody likes paying taxes, dealing with bills, doing laundry or having a ton of responsibility. Enjoy your freedom while you can!


6 – It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Yes you’re a tough cookie and yes you’re a strong person, but nobody is tough and strong all of the time. We are human and sometimes we are not ok.  Talk to someone, get help and be brave. Adult you will thank you some day.


7 – Don’t Give Up 

We need bad times to balance out the good one. Really, when you think about it, you need to experience the bad to be able to recognise and appreciate the good in life. One day everything your going through will make sense. You will make so many brilliant memories, so don’t give up, get out there an do something!

8 – Your Mum Was Right About Most Things

You really won’t appreciate this yet, but it’s true. She isn’t some demon trying to ruin your fun. She has a valid point and cares a lot. So try listening to her now and again! 22 year old you will be really glad you didn’t get all of those piercings and horrific hairstyles you really wanted.

 What thing would you tell your teenage self?




  1. 2nd November 2014 / 13:21

    omg this is the one i needed … thank you for sharing. just recently turned 21 and i already stressing about so many different things (yes, overthinking things too)

    Slumber Talk

    • 4th November 2014 / 21:07

      Thank you, I'm glad it has helped 🙂
      I'm 22 and much the same I've come to the conclusion that you never really stop stressing in life!


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