Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

2017 has seen the distressed trend grow enormously. It’s been around for a few years now, but it has certainly reached new heights! I mean I’ve seen some ridiculous jeans with everything bar the back of the leg cut out! For the most part it’s a trend that I’ve been loving. I’m lucky to work in a creative industry where the dress code is quite relaxed (no suits for us – yay!) After a week in smart casual clothes I like to really let my hair down and embrace everything distressed as part of my weekend style. As its time to tuck away the summer dresses with frayed hems and cute denim shorts I thought I’d share three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn. 

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

My style tends to be simple and classic with a little bit of an edge. I do worry that I take the edge a little too far sometimes and I resemble Gerard Way circa 2001. To be fair, he was my style icon back then! Anyway, I’m all for the easy life when it comes to clothes. I like to be able to grab comfy clothes and go without having to think too much. You’ll also notice a monochrome theme here!

The distressed tee

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

I’m a jeans and a t-shirt girl at heart. I love that off duty model style of basics with a biker jacket. It’s simple, stylish and works for a lot of occasions. This gorgeous distressed tee is from Tobi, I love how it adds a bit of an edge to an otherwise classic look. I sized up to get that slouchy looks. The top itself is oh so soft and super comfy. I love how it looks like the neckline has come away from the rest of the tee. It’s something that I’ll wear again and again. I imagine it will look good tucked into a midi skirt too.

I’ve paired it with my distressed jeans, ASOS belt and my new M&S boots. When it gets a little cooler I’ll throw on my trust leather jacket and a blanket scarf over the top!

The distressed jeans

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

Now these have raised a few eyebrows, mainly by Dad’s, but I guess it’s an easy thing to make a dad joke about! I can’t quite bear to buy brand new jeans with holes in, so I aways DIY them. This was my first ever attempt and I’m pretty happy with it. It was a bit of a learning curve but they work.

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

How to…

This literally took me ten minutes. All I did was pop the jeans on so I could work out where the knee was etc and place pins in where I wanted to cut. I removed each pin. Pinched the fabric (making sure I caught no skin) and cut a slit in the jeans. I started on the knees and worked out. A few things I learnt were:

  1. Not to cut slits too close to each other across the knees as the threads will just snap and merge into one hole.
  2. Adding distressing around the pockets on the front and back really makes a difference.
  3. Sandpaper is your best friend for distressing the tops of pockets and the waistband. 

One of the best things about DIY-ing old jeans is that they tend to be baggy, loose and comfy. I think I’ve had this pair for six years now. So essentially I gave myself a new pair of jeans without having to wear them in and be uncomfortable for a while!

The jumper dress

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

Another one of my style staples in the cooler months is a jumper dress. It fits well with my grab and go philosophy and it’s easy to style in different ways. On cold days you can throw a pair tights under them and sometimes a vest too. I imagine a mash top would look cool peeping out of the holes in this distressed jumper dress. This off the shoulder jumper dress from Tobi is comfy, cosy, slouchy but looks good! The material is super soft too which is always a bonus. You can’t beat an outfit that feel like pjs but looks social acceptable. I’ve pared this with plain black ankle socks and a pair of brogue creepers from Marks and Spencer. I’m dying to wear it with fish nets and polka dot tights too. The possibilities are endless!

Three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn

So that’s just three ways to wear the distressed trend this autumn. I have a few more items on my wishlist too. I’d love to own a pair of black distressed dungarees or a dungaree dress. They’ve been on wishlist for ages now, so if you spot any – let me know! How will you be wearing the distressed trend this autumn?


With thanks to my lovely friend Jaison for the photos. 

Tobi kindly sent me these items to feature in a post.


  1. 19th October 2017 / 10:26

    I love this post I’m also a jeans and Tshirt kinda girl, and your photos are lovely I love the backdrop xoxo

    • ShelleyBeth
      20th October 2017 / 09:58

      Thank you Kate!

  2. Jaison
    21st October 2017 / 13:45

    Tell you what that photographer is pretty good 😉 and you look awesome – I want the man version of these distressed items

    • ShelleyBeth
      23rd October 2017 / 08:58

      Haha modest! You can borrow those items anytime 😉

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