Tresemme Heat Protection Spray

Today I am reviewing a staple in my morning routine – the Tresemme Heat Defence Spray 

(NB – The sprayer (technical term there) doesn’t look like this, the tube in mine broke so I had to replace it. It normally comes with a spray gun head (another technical term ha!) which you can see here.)

What Tresemme Say
“There’s one rule when you expose your hair to heat — the hair must be protected. This product guards against heat styling tools up to 230 degrees celcius, keeping your hair shiny and incredibly soft. Professional quality formula contains a heat activated complex to help protect your hair during heat styling, whilst smoothing frizz and sealing in shine.”

Does it do what they say?

In short yes. I blow dry my hair every other morning and since using this I have noticed my hair does not get a hot as it used to. My hair is also considerably softer and shinier and it generally looks more healthy. It has also helped a lot with my battle with dry ends. My hair definitely feels protected and nourished when I use this product.

The Product itself

It is easy to use, all you do is spray and away you go. The product sprayed a lot easier with the original pump in it, it allowed for a wide spray the covered a lot of hair in one go, which is perfect if you’re always in a rush in the mornings, like me! It is a lightweight spray and you cannot feel it on your hair, the only difference you notice is that your hair is more protected and it is in a better condition. I should also mention that it smells amazing, it has the light, fresh and fruity scent of most Tresemme products when first sprayed; the scent does not last all day, which is perfect for me as strong scents tend to give me a headache.

Where can I buy it and for how much?

You can buy it in all Supermarkets, at Boots or in Superdrug.

It retails for £4.89 in Boots and for £4.79 in Superdrug.


I would definitely recommend this product, it does the job nicely and smells amazing. I am a big Tresemme fan and this has been another hit for me.


Song of the Day – Fall Out Boy – The Mighty Fall

The video was release for this song the other week, I’m loving the fact they are making a mini movie of the album.

In short Fall Out Boy rock!


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