A Very Lazy Chilli and Chorizo Mac N’ Cheese

Mac n’ cheese has to be one of my all time favourite dishes, but I rarely eat it. If I’m making it I like to do it from scratch and it takes forever, which means it’s a no go for weeknight and busy weekends. However, I recently discovered the Very Lazy chilli and chorizo mac n’ cheese recipe which takes around half an hour to make. Yes you read that right, half an hour and it’s delicious too! I’ve used Very Lazy products in the kitchen for years now because I’m well…very lazy! All jokes aside I have zero knife skills and patience, to their jars of chopped chillies and garlic and their pastes are a lifesaver. I didn’t think I could love them anymore until I discovered their recipes. All hail Very Lazy – the lazy cooks dream!

A Very Lazy Chilli and Chorizo Mac N' Cheese

A Very Lazy Chilli and Chorizo Mac N' Cheese

Just look at that cheesy goodness!

You need:

250g Dried Macaroni (or gluten free penne)
100g Baby Spinach
75g Diced Chorizo
4 Rashers of Bacon cut into squares (optional extra, you could use lardons too!)
150g Light Cream Cheese
200ml Semi- Skimmed Milk (soya milk is the best alternative)
75g Reduced Fat Mature Cheddar Cheese, Grated
2 tsp Very Lazy Chopped Red Chillies
8 Cherry Tomatoes, Halved

A Very Lazy Chilli and Chorizo Mac N' Cheese

To do

Preheat the oven to 190 oc (Gas mark 5)

Boil the pasta according to the cooking instructions on the packet.

When the pasta is cooked add it to a pan and wilt the spinach over it.

Meanwhile cook the chorizo and bacon in a separate pan.

In a bowl, mix the cream cheese, milk, half the cheddar and the Very Lazy chopped chillies. Stir in the chorizo and season.

Add the pasta to the cheese mix, stir before adding into an oven-proof dish.

Add the rest of the cheese to the top, dollop on some cream cheese and throw on the tomatoes before baking for 15 minutes.

When it’s done it should be bubbling and golden.

A Very Lazy Chilli and Chorizo Mac N' Cheese

The Very Lazy chilli and chorizo mac n’ cheese is a delicious, creamy treat. It has a little bit of kick to it thanks to the chorizo and very lazy chillies and the tomatoes on top add a little bit of sweetness into the mix. All of this in under half an hour is pretty impressive if you ask me!

If you’re wondering how it compare to the traditional mac n’ cheese which takes hours, it’s pretty good! The very lazy version is definitely thicker and creamier and I love the addition of chorizo and bacon, it add another texture to the dish. I’ll definitely be making this again after work. I might even see if I can re-create my mum’s bacon and leek mac n’ cheese in under half an hour too.

If you’re a lover of flavour, meat and cheese this is definitely the recipe for you! If you haven’t already tried any of the very lazy products, give them a go, life in the kitchen will never be the same again!

Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sharing a few more Very Lazy recipes soon.



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