Voodoo Daddies Pizza Norwich

 Voodoo Daddies Pizza is the best you will ever eat and I’m not joking! Think mouth-watering toppings, delicious crisp bases and the perfect amount of cheese. Say goodbye to your crap cardboard tasting Dominoes and hello to delicious pizza that is worth every single penny. All of this from the comfort of your own sofa, or from the Plasterers Arms if you can be bothered to venture out. Voodoo Daddies Pizza is my favourite takeaway by far, so much so that I’ve dreamed about it. So prepare yourselves for life changing pizza.

Voodoo Daddies Pizza

Pictured – The Voodoo Daddies gluten-free clubhouse stacker

Voodoo Daddies Pizza

Pictures speak a thousand words right? Imagine chowing down on a garlic butter crispy base, topped with chicken, bacon, avocado and melted swiss cheese. It is food heaven! The only downside is that it will ruin every other mediocre pizza experience for you.

The range of pizza ‘flavours’ is incredible, how Voodoo Daddies came up with so many different, unusual toppings is beyond me! From the standard tomato, to bbq and delicious garlic butter bases there’s the perfect crispy base for everyone. They have a gluten-free option too and it actually tastes like pizza – as opposed to cardboard which is incredible! (Gluten free friends – you know where I’m coming from.) If you’re a spice lover My name is the beast is for you, for seafood fiends I highly recommend the little mermaid and for meat lovers there’s no end of choice. The angry polish wife is a meaty favourite of mine. If you’re vegan or vegetarian they cater for you as well.

So the next time you have a hankering for pizza, hit up Voodoo Daddies Pizza on 07967382511 or on Just Eat you will not be disappointed! It’s well worth the wait at the weekends too.

Whats your favourite pizza?



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