Why I’m Supporting The Arts

Every now and again blogging affords you the opportunity to discover a new passion. Recently, I was lucky enough to attend Super Sunday, Driftwood and Rear View at The Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Those incredible performances have made me fall in love with the arts. I’d always been a fan of theatre and the rest of the arts had interested me, but I’d never experienced them. I was too afraid and I’d got it into my head that I wasn’t old enough, rich enough or knowledgeable enough to enjoy them. It turns out that I was completely wrong, so I thought I’d share why I’m supporting the arts and perhaps why you should too! 

Ranging from literary, to performance and visual and just about everything in between the therm ‘the arts’ covers so many things. From theatre, to ceramics, to poetry and more there’s not shortage of experiences to choose between. That also means that you are bound to find something that you enjoy.

The experiences that the arts offer are nothing short of beautiful. There’s just something about having a human or group of humans perform live in front of you. It opens up a whole range of emotions and broadens your mind in so many different ways. I left all of the Norfolk and Norwich festival performances with a new perspective on certain aspects of life. The arts really do make you stop, think and process a range of emotions or opinions. You can’t put a price on watching a live performance it’s infinitely better than anything that you could possibly see on screen.

The arts are said to enhance your wellbeing and I’d happily agree with that statement. They encourage you to get out there and experience new things. The arts can teach you so many different things about life. Each of those things will be unique to you. They provoke a human connection with the person or piece that you are watching. They transport you to another world and make you focus on the immediate as opposed to the billion and one things that you have going around in your head. It’s like a vacation for you mind, body and soul and a digital detox all in one.

By going along and supporting the arts you’re supporting that persons career, hopes and dreams. By buying a ticket to a show you’re helping someone to travel the world doing something they love. Perhaps you’ll be supporting someone’s passion in the local community. Who knows, the artist could be working long hours in a boring job to pay the bills and that performance is keeping them sane. There’s a saying that when you buy local or support a local business that an actual person does a happy dance. I guess the same applies here.

The arts need you as much as you need them. We live in a world of funding cuts where culture and entertainment budgets tend to be the first to go. It’s safe to say that they would cease to exist without their audiences. Performances aren’t always as expensive as you may think. You just need to ‘shop smart’ and investigate local options. Heck, even some things are free.

If an image of the arts conjured up an image of someone older than you, you might be right. I’m making a sweeping generalisation here, but the arts could do with a new generation of audience members. So throw your iPhone away, step away from your laptop, TV or gaming device and go and experience something that is priceless and fantastic for your wellbeing.

So yes, you’ll be seeing a lot more about the arts on here.


You can find out more about the arts on The Arts Council England website or by googling the arts in an area near you.


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