Winter City Break Style and Packing Tips

A few weeks ago, we threw our stuff into a suitcase and headed to London for a long weekend. It was after I had managed to fit three days worth of stuff into half a cabin sized suitcase that I came up with the idea for this post. This year I’ve been travelling a lot with work, but I have learnt how to pack light and how to dress for a few days away. With the cost of hold luggage being stupidly high packing light is a handy skill to have. So here’s my winter city break style and packing tips for heading away with minimal luggage.

City Break Style and Packing Tips

City Break Style and Packing Tips

City Break Style and Packing Tips

You may have noticed a common theme – black skinny jeans, boots, a thick coat and scarf. Packing light isĀ all about dressing in similar outfits to minimise your luggage. It was a pretty casual weekend away for us, so all I needed was a pair of jeans, three different tops or jumpers and a thick coat. If we had needed to get dressed up I’d have thrown in an extra outfit. So pack smart and plan what you’re going to be wearing around the key pieces in your wardrobe.

Layers are you best friend in Winter. It’s really easy to pack lots of thinner or smaller layers than one giant jumper. That way if you are too cold you can just throw on yesterdays jumper over a clean top or two. For our weekend away I packed two camis and an oversized tee with two thin jumpers and one cardi. It’s nothing ground breaking but when you’re outside all day in the cold nobody is going to notice or care what’s underneath your coat.

Sensible shoes are a must too. You can’t beat a pair of flat leather boots for comfort and functionality. Come rain, snow or shine they are perfect for wandering around and exploring. It’s much better to have sensible shoes and see a new city than just remembering the pain from your pretty heels.

Winter style is all about the coat and scarf for me. You could be wearing your comfiest clothes underneath a smart coat and giant scarf and you will still look pulled together. Blanket style scarves are perfect for travelling as they can double up as a pillow or blanket when you’re on a cold plane or train. The same goes for a longer coat, by that I mean one that overs your bum!

Finally, when you’re packing roll up your clothes. It means you can pack more in and they become less creased. How I’ve only just discovered that is beyond me! For an added layer of protection, roll those clothes up and pad around your wash bag. This way your fragile items are surrounded by something soft to hold them in place.

Preparation and planning is key for winter city breaks. If you’re anything like me you’ll have a wardrobe where all of the items match so packing really isn’t a chore!

What’s your city break style and packing tips?



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