Cosying up for Autumn with Yorkshire Linen*

The cool crisp air in the morning, burnt orange leaves strewn across the ground and the desire to cosy up must mean that autumn is here. Whilst Summer is all about being out an about, Autumn is the time of year where the focus is home and staying in. Despite moving into my house in February it’s still not perfect. Downstairs is almost done but upstairs doesn’t quite feel cosy and homey yet. The most important room for me is the bedroom,  snuggling under a duvet, with a candle flickering and fairy lights strewn across the room is sheer perfection on cooler evenings. When Yorkshire linen got in touch with me it was the motivation I needed to start perusing ways online to create the perfect cosy bedroom.

Cosying up for Autumn with Yorkshire Linen

The perfect cosy evening starts with a duvet. It needs to be thick, warm and there has to be plenty of it! The duvet cover needs to be soft and smooth so it feels lovely on your skin. I always go up a couple of sizes when it comes to my duvet so there’s no duvet hogging and you can create a cocoon.  The Yorkshire Linen Super King Pom Pom duvet cover is firmly on my wish list. I love a white duvet set – it reminds me of being in nice hotels. The pom poms add a subtle, cute touch, plus I love a bit of texture. Yorkshire linen have a lovely range of super king duvet covers, having that extra inch or two of duvet cover is incredible.

My other Autumn essentials are a good throw and lots of cushions. I’m desperate to get my hands on a Berrys and Grey Faux fur throw. This Silver Grey one is gorgeous, I’ve felt them in store and they are divine! For some reason I always head to Wilko for cushions. I have two teal fluffy ones on my sofa which are perfect for snuggling. So I’d love a grey pair on my bed – there’s something about a freshly made bed strewn with cushions.

What’s a cosy night in without fairy lights and a candle or two?! I found some battery powered sets from Amazon, which come in a range shades. These would look gorgeous wrapped around a bed frame or strewn across a shelf. The candle from Berrys and Grey just screams Autumn to me. I’m a big fan of all of their candles.  Finally, for that perfect nights sleep – a sleep mask! I’m that weirdo that can’t sleep when there’s a hint of light. Naturally a good pair of blackout curtains like these will help, but our doors are useless and let light stream into our bedroom, so a cute sleeping mask is an essential for me!

What are your Autumn essentials for cosying up?


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