Zara Haul

I’m having a bit of a thing with Zara at the moment, I was raving about the AW16 collection in my wishlist last week and I’d mentioned I’d picked up a few bits. It’s safe to say that I’m completely smitten with my Zara haul. I actually went in to find a black dress and came out with two jumpers, a skirt and a scarf…oops! I’ve branched slightly out of my comfort zone too and picked up a few fun bits that are a twist on classic or basic pieces. So without further ado here are the incredible items I picked up in Zara a couple of weeks ago.

Zara Haul

Zara Haul

Zara Grey Lace Hem Sweater

Zara Haul - Lace Hem sweatshirt

How stunning is this?! You can’t beat a slouchy grey jumper in the Autumn and I love the lace hem detailing on this one. It adds something a little but fun to an otherwise plain jumper. It’s quite oversized and baggy but that’s offset by the slightly girly hem. It’s perfect for layering as you can wear a vest top underneath and it looks cute poking out of a jacket too. (see here) I love the side slit detail below – it’s the little details that Zara add into their clothes that make a big difference.

Zara Haul Lace Hem Sweatshirt detail

Zara Red Sweater with Side Slits

Zara Haul - red sweater with side slits

You can’t go wrong with a thin knit jumper this time of year. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this gorgeous red drop hem jumper. It has little slits on the side and on the sleeves which are a cute detail too. The slight downside to this is that it isn’t cropped but it isn’t long. It sits just below my jeans and could do with an extra inch of so of length in the front. But it is great for tucking into skirts and waist-high items. At £9.99 you can’t go wrong either!

Zara haul - Red sweater with side slits

Zara Printed Mini Skirt 

Zara Haul - Printed Mini Skirt

How adorable is this skirt? I saw this paired with the red jumper on the mannequin and I knew I had to buy it! It’s part of the TRF collection and it is the cutest navy cord mini skirt with heart, crowns, bunting and writing illustrated on it. I love the zip up the front and the skort style of the skirt too. It looks great paired with black tights. I’m not normally a mini skirt fan but a this time of year I feel like I can get away with them. I am obsessed with this skirt!

Zara Printed Miniskirt

Zara Leopard Print Wraparound Scarf

Zara Haul Grey Leopard Wraparound Scarf

The picture really doesn’t show how big this scarf it. It’s like a blanket which is incredible. I love pairing it with the lace hem jumper and a leather jacket. (See here) It adds that extra layer of cosines first thing in the morning. I’ve been after a leopard print scarf for a while now and I love the fact this one is grey, I feel like I can get away with it as it’s not the traditional colour. The wraparound scarf is double-sided and there’s a fine zig zag print on the reserve which adds a little bit of something extra when it’s peeking out. This is the softest and biggest scarf I own. I’d highly recommend picking one up.

Zara Haul - Leopard Wraparound Scarf Detail

I’m actually quite proud of myself for not buying the whole store. Their new season collection is on point at the moment.  The mission to avoid doing another Zara Haul and save my pennies has now started for me! Keep an eye out for some upcoming outfit posts…

Are you a Zara fan?



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